New Home
We planned everything so well that only a zombie apocalypse could get in the way... and it almost happened! Find out how a little renovation becomes a survival adventure.
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What are we going to do with this very old airframe? This is going to be an unusual side project.
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Rc Models

Rc Planes design, scratchbuild and hopefully... flying


All the ideas, tutorials, pictures and videos about creating new things by yourself


Skins for Flight Simulators
Logos and Flyers


What it takes to reach the skies, what happens up there and how to keep your feet on the ground

Welcome on, the official website of the Trevisan family.

Get to know a little more about us, our hobbies and interests. Read about how we design, scratchbuild and fly rc planes (and other models). Furthermore, the bricolage section contains some of the DIY projects we have done during the years, including the upcoming saga of our new home renovation. Last but not least, the Aviation section will soon give you all a sneak peek at this wonderful job.

The Covid-19 has put Italy in lockdown, and this has basically stopped all our aviation activities, real and model. We are currently focusing all our energies on the new home’s renovation, to be able to move in around the first week of May. All the ongoing projects will resume from the new garage, stay safe wherever you are!

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