Trevisan Art Studio

Our little production of original, elegant decorations for the house, office, mancave.

As always, everything can be customized even further!


To see some of our laser-cut works, including Christmas tree decorations, engraved boxes, keychains, table name holders, and much, much more!!!

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The TundraCam

The Durafly Tundra comes with a few extra accessories included in the kit. Besides the floats, there is a nice FPV tray to assemble, and

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Welcome on!!!

My name is Carlo. I work as pilot on jet aircrafts, but in my spare time I design, scratchbuild and fly rc planes (among other things). I’ve been a modeler for over 20 years, and decided to share a bit of it here. Thanks to my wonderful wife Inguna and with the occasional technical advice of my two years old son, I’m slowly making this a bit more than just a Hobby. 

Here you’ll find not only the list of my designs (at least the ones I actually completed and flown in the years), but also an attempt at a blog, in which I’ll update you on the new projects.

Feel free to contact me through the forms for any question, suggestion, request. You can also find me on Instagram with the user TheTrevisans (@thetrevisans).

My wife’s Etsy shop, in which I also manage to put some of my ideas for sale is HERE

In this crazy year it has been hard to keep working on our projects, or even write about their progress. Keep following us, lots of new contents are coming!!!

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