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Welcome on TheTrevisans.com, our family blog!

We design, scratchbuild and fly rc planes (and other models). In the last years we developed a serie of small aerobatic models, and now we are working on a scale replica of the famous Beech model 18. We are also flying a Durafly Tundra, for which we are preparing new accessories.

In the bricolage section, you will then find  some of the DIY projects we have done during the years. From restoring an old bike to renovate an entire apartment, there is something for everyone in there…

Last but not least, the Aviation section will soon give you all a sneak peek at the wonderful job of the airline pilot.

In this crazy year it has been hard to keep working on our projects, or even write about their progress. Keep following us, lots of new contents are coming!

The is growing


A1-D upgrades

Previous Next After the prototype second flight, we had to stop the plane since the motor had lost 4 magnets (well, they just detached from

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A1-D: it flies!!! (with video)

The big moment has arrived for the Juliet2. We are finally going to fly it!!! As all the family was there for the event, the first accomplishment of the day has been for sure squeezing two adults, a baby car seat, a golden retriever and two planes plus equipment in a sedan.

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A1-D Construction

Previous Next After we cut and tested all the parts several times without glue, it was time to start the A1-D construction. It is very important, with

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