Welcome on TheTrevisans.com, get to know a little more about us, read about how we design, scratchbuild and fly rc models, using the traditional balsa-plywood construction and some other less conventional ones like carbon fiber and balsa sandwiches. Furthermore, the bricolage section contain the DIY projects we have done during the years, mainly little additions to our home furniture. Finally, the upcoming Aviation section will soon give you all a sneak peek at this wonderful job.


All the ideas, tutorials, pictures and videos about creating new things by yourself

Rc Models

Rc Planes design, scratchbuild and hopefully... flying


Skins for Flight Simulators
Logos and Flyers


What it takes to reach the skies, what happens up there and how to keep your feet on the ground

The is growing

There's just so much going on in our lives lately that we simply can't update the website as we would like. There are big changes happening to our family, and in the near future things are going to change also on the job. As for the models, while building the second in a series of rc planes designed by us, we are at the drawing board for an even more ambitious project. In the meantime the long, long process of finding, selecting, and uploading thousands of old contents, keeps going on in the background. The layout of the website is reaching its maturity, but as we give priority to new contents, some old posts will still show in the old style for a while.

We teamed up with amazon.it!

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