This project was started in the last century, as a new airframe for a small class .25 glow engine that was previously installed in a motorglider trainer.

Little I knew about aeronautical structure design, or even just model design, so the first prototype was put together taking free inspiration from the early 3D Fun Flyers, which started to appear on the market in the late nineties.

While not so bad in the general design, it was way too heavy with its all plywood front side and hard wood fuselage spars. Still at the end the construction was paused and eventually abandoned due to other events. All the Rc plane stuff was just stored away in my parents house and there was left rotting for years.

About ten years later, I briefly took it back from the dust trying to complete it to a flying condition. Progress in electric models technology suggested to convert it to electric propulsion for ease of use, and years of aeronautical institute helped in re-design the whole fuselage in a much lighter balsa solution.

The wing was restored and reinforced for better rigidity, but even with the added bracing it was not completely satisfactory. So a new wing was drawn with improved structure.

Unfortunately, after completing the second fuselage and set of wings, I had to move abroad and once again, i had to pack everything for a long, long term storage.

Fast forward another ten years, back in Italy and in a semi-stable situation at work, it was time again to recover the ancient remains and make a plan.

The situation was a bit worse than before. Broken fuselage, damaged wings, the stabilizers were gone and a lot of other minor issues were found.

While the wings were considered damaged beyond repair, I decided to try to repair the fuselage, adding reinforcements to avoid future breakdowns in the same sensitive area.

A number of improvements were also included, requiring some extensive reconstruction, which in turn helped to remove damaged areas. The result is a mostly new design, the third one (hence the “C” in the name), which is now getting near to flyable condition.

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