Converting two old gate lights in balcony candle holders

This is the second set of lamps we converted, to find out what we did with the first pair, check the part one.

once again, not the cleanest lamps around

As for the other pair, we had to use a lot of imagination to see through all those layers of dust and dirt, and give them a second life. Since we had already started the balcony table projects, we thought theese two soon-to-be candle holders could be the perfect complement of our balcony furniture. This is a very easy DIY project for all those who want to recycle almost hopeless old stuff into some simple and stylish decoration.


Preparation of the frames was pretty straightforward, using a metal brush and some sandpaper we made sure the surface was clear of dirt and loose paint. Achieving a smooth surface is not needed nor desired in this case, since we want to keep some texture for a more authentic look after the paintjob. As we are going to use both standard candles and anti-moskito torches, a dark grey to black color is preferable, as it will mask the smoke signs. Before the paint is also a good moment to make all the necessary holes and adjustements to the metal, as later we will just risk to spoil our work.

final details

As with the nightstand lamps, we need a stable base. In this case, to avoid dangerous flip overs with attached hot wax and flames. Once again wood is the easiest option. A simple square cut out of a plank will give the stability and. in our case, the right country feel. Mileage may vary here, if you are in for a more elegant look, put some more work on the base can change a lot on the final result.

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