C18 Twin Beech

Riproduzione in scala del celebre Beech model 18

Our first scale model

The C18 is our take at a scale model of the legendary Beech model 18. Designed for electric motors, it is sized to use 3 or 4 cell li-po batteries. With its spacious fuselage, large hatches and modular design, it’s intended to be a versatile model, capable of basic aerobatics, candy/parachute drops, and fpv scale flying.

We were initially hoping to get the first prototype in the air for the 2019 flying season, but the other projects and a couple of pandemics stretched  its development through the good part of 4 years. Compared to the initial drafts, it will be a bigger plane, with its 175cm of wing span, and considerably more complex than anything else we have produced so far.

The structure is entirely balsa and plywood, and like our Juliet3 aerobatic plane, it is intended to become a laser cut short-kit, available on request.

As of February ’22, the plane is still under development using Fusion 360. We are pushing through and trying to build the first prototype in a short time, but it is expected to take at least a few more months.

You will find the updates related to this project on the right column, follow us and if you are interested in this endeavor, get in touch with us!


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  • Apertura alare: 105cm
  • Lunghezza: 98cm
  • Peso: 1250gr
  • Batterie: 2200-3000mAh 

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