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A new need for and “old” modeler

As a modeler, the electric flight grew up on me during the years. And soon, with my fleet becoming 100% Lipo-powered, I found myself in need for an updated field toolbox. I guess a lot of you also had to transition from a field gear based on tanks, pumps, and starters, to battery chargers and power meters. For example, in the last two years, I changed toolbox four times, and I’m still looking for a definitive solution (at least for me). One bit of equipment that instead is probably going to stay for a while is for sure the ammo box. Absolutely no credit to me for the idea, plenty of modelers out there already use new or used ammo boxes to transport “safely” the lipo batteries and to store them at home. Once I also got mine from a military surplus store, I found it a bit odd to just throw all my batteries together in the box. It also wasn’t super practical to find the right one at the field, having to take out half of them while searching for the proper one. So I decided to build something to make the whole experience just better.

A good friend of your ammo box

This tray/organizer for lipo batteries fits just right inside a typical .50 Cal ammo box. You can also find it searching for M2A1, which is the machine gun it serves (and be careful not to buy a Bradley tank instead, since it will show up in the results too). The idea is that you can use it to transport all your batteries at the field, divided between charged and empty ones, and just use the lightweight battery tray to get to the pit area. This way you can still use the metal ammo box to charge safely the batteries at the field, and keep the rest of your lipo’s separated and organized while you are doing it. Two little flags will help you divide the good from the bad (discharged) batteries, and two mobile internal walls will make sure you can configure it in the best way for your packs assortment.

Last but not least, I can engrave for you pretty much whatever you want on the external sides of the tray. So you can proudly show your club logo, your name, some funny quote or the picture of your favorite model, and make everybody jealous at the field!


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  • Width: 27,4cm
  • Lenght: 13,8cm
  • Height: 15/8cm
  • Batteries: up to 10 6s

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