C18 Twin Beech

Rc scale model of the legendary Beech model 18

Our first scale model

The C18 is our take at a scale model of the legendary Beech model 18, designed for electric motors and fpv scale flying.

We are hoping to get the first prototype in the air for the 2019 flying season, it will be a bigger plane compared to our other projects, with its 160cm of wing span, and considerably more complex.

The structure is mainly classic   balsa and plywood, with carbon fiber reinforcing some of the most stressed elements, and fiberglass cowlings for nose and motors.


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  • Wingspan: 175cm
  • Lenght: 
  • Weight: 3200-3500g
  • Battery: 2x 3000mAh 3S
First flight:August 6, 2019
2.3 years ago.

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