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Juliet2 progress update #1

With the good season almost over, things are all but getting quiet. Even though this is usually the moment when the action moves from the field to the garage, we have been busy with the test flights of the Juliet2. The prototype has been logging flight hours until a small incident grounded it for a few weeks. At the same time, we made progress at the drawing board, where the future Juliet3 program is shaping

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A1-D upgrades

After the prototype second flight, we had to stop the plane since the motor had lost 4 magnets (well, they just detached from the bell and moved a bit actually). Although the motor itself was repaired the next afternoon, we decided to try a different engine, and ordered a Turnigy 3548 sk3 motor. Honestly I can’t blame completely the original motor. It was running to the max power rating, and even if the first flights

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A1-D: it flies!!! (with video)

The big moment has arrived for the Juliet2. We are finally going to fly it!!! As all the family was there for the event, the first accomplishment of the day has been for sure squeezing two adults, a baby car seat, a golden retriever and two planes plus equipment in a sedan.

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A1-D Final steps

With the Tundra and the Juliet in flying order, I enjoyed the first part of the season at the field having fun. Still, I managed to make some progress to the A1-D. We can now say it’s reaching the final steps of the construction. Having the model structurally complete, I made some tests to see where I could expect the CG to fall. While of course not 100% accurate at this stage, the results brought

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A1-D Project

While rebuilding the Juliet, I had plenty of ideas on how the structure could have been improved, lightened and made easier to “operate”. Since the ideas kept piling up after the first flights, some of them found a way into the model after our first little crash. Of course they were limited to small design corrections. We just put all the rest in a drawer for later use. In the meantime, we were already looking

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