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a1-c juliet

Goodbye A1-C

It has come the moment to look forward. Unfortunately this also means we need to make space for the next projects, and say goodbye to A1-C. We are not going to ruin the surprise about what will be next here, and besides, this post is just to celebrate the end of the Juliet’s flying days.

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A1-C2 Juliet

A1-C2 Update

After what has been an unexpeted series of successful flights, it eventually came the day on which I dared a bit too much a bit too low. Coming out from a series of hoverings, I messed up the recovery and impacted the ground almost vertically. It was only from a couple of meters of height, but it was high enough to hurt. Surprisingly the damage was not extensive. To be honest, the plane could have

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A1-C End of Construction

For the first time in over 20 years, the plane is complete in all its parts! Even if during the last days there were lots of minor improvements and re-engeneering of a few areas, I managed to wrap it up. The main concern was to get the CG right, or as close as possible, without having to add ballast to center the model. In the design phase, I moved a lot of weight to the

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A1-C The Project

The A1-C project was started in the last century. In the beginning I designed the airframe with my father for a small class .25 glow engine. Little we knew about aeronautical structure design, or even just model design. That’s why for the first prototype we took inspiration  from the early 3D Fun Flyers, which started to appear on the market in the late nineties. While not so bad in the general design, it was way

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