C18 Updates

Thanks to the tests with carbon fiber and balsa sandwiches (more on that here), I was able to start a partial redesign of the C-18, to simplify the structure and give it more strenght at the same time.

At the moment the attention is focused on the important area of the mid fuselage and central part of the wing, which holds most of the weight: batteries, equipment, engines, and the main landing gear are all located there, not counting the two main access doors and the possible option of the bomb bay/camera holder just in the middle of it.

The engine cowls are also being redesigned, both them and the nose cone (removable) are now made of light fiberglass, out of silicone moulds (process which will be of course tested soon)

As a side note, I also update the rendering engine to give a slightly better representation of the final product.

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