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A1-D Project

Previous Next While rebuilding the Juliet, I had plenty of ideas on how the structure could have been improved, lightened and made easier to “operate”. Since the ideas kept piling up after the first flights, some of them found a way into the model after our first little crash. Of course they were limited to small design corrections. We just put all the rest in a drawer for later use. In the meantime, we were already looking forward to the Twin Beech as the next big plane to build, so there wasn’t time to think about other projects. It just

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C18 Updates

Previous Next Thanks to our new testbed for carbon fiber and balsa sandwiches (more on that on the Juliet2 page), I was able to start a partial redesign of the C18. The use of composites helps to beef up the most stressed points. But the most important aspect, it does that  without adding complexity or volume to the structure. At the moment we are focusing our attentions on the important area of the mid fuselage and central part of the wings. This zone concentrates non only the most of the loads, but also contains most of the components and connections:

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