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A1-C End of Construction

For the first time in over 20 years, the plane is complete in all its parts! Even if during the last days there were lots of minor improvements and re-engeneering of a few areas, I managed to wrap it up. The main concern was to get the CG right, or as close as possible, without having to add ballast to center the model. In the design phase, I moved a lot of weight to the tail to anticipate the extra weight of the canopy and main landing gear, which at the end came out much, much lighter than I thought. 

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A1-C Engine cowl

The engine, or in this case, motor cowl, has been first modeled from a solid block using sandpaper… glasses and a mask. Once happy with the shape, I started laminating the epoxy and fiberglass mats in various weights. For the epoxy I once again looked in the prochima line of products and ordered the E-227 resin. After the first sanding of the fiberglass (again, wear masks, glasses and gloves!) i covered the whole cowl with a mix of epoxy and microbaloons. I had to play a bit with the proportions to find the right consistency but at the end it

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