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The is growing

There's just so much going on lately that we simply can't make it fit in here. In the meantime the long, long process of finding, selecting, and uploading thousands of old contents keeps going on in the background.

A1-D Building Starts

Having drawn all the fuselage and the main details of the wing in 3D, the construction started without any surprise. The carbon reinforced parts were

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A1-D Project

During the construction of the A1-C, I kept noting how I could have better done this or that element, if given the chance to just

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C18 Updates

Thanks to the tests with carbon fiber and balsa sandwiches (more on that here), I was able to start a partial redesign of the C-18,

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A1-C2 Update

After what has been an unexpeted series of successful flights, it eventually came the day on which I dared a bit too much a bit

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C18 Project

One of the reasons why I decided to come back to the hobby, was to try out FPV (First Person View) flying. With the A1-C

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